Housing in Landau

Depending on how long you intend to stay, your financial situation and personal preferences, the town of Landau offers different housing options:

Student Residences

The most inexpensive solution is to live in the student halls of residence. Studierendenwerk Vorderpfalz maintains and administers seven student dorms in Landau and four other cities.

The characteristics of the rooms in our residence halls are:

  • Room size Ø15 - 19 sqm
  • Apartments furnished to a basic standard, groups of 2 and 4, apartments for students with child.
  • Equipped with bed, closet, desk, desk chair, kitchen with refrigerator and cooking top (without oven/microwave), shower, toilet, sink and mirror.
  • Phone, cable or satellite included.
  • Laundry room with washing machine and dryer (payable with UniCard).
  • Bicycle room / parking lots
  • Within easy reach of campus.
  • Move-in dates: 01.04 and 01.10 of each year

 In Germany, it is not very common to have a campus system providing each student with a room in a residence hall upon enrolment.

Since there are usually more applications than apartments available, we highly recommend to apply as soon as possible for a room in the student halls. Otherwise, you might find yourself at the very end of a long waiting list.
Please, contact the Welcome Center if you wish to apply.

Private Accommodation

Students who come with their partner or family cannot stay in the student halls, but need to look for accommodation on the private housing market. The housing market in Landau is challenging as in many university cities in Germany. Hence, students should start looking for accommodation well in advance.

Single apartments usually cost around 350 to 500 euro, but prices can also be higher. Utilities, i.e., the costs for electricity, water, heating and waste collection, are usually on top. A lump sum is deducted together with the rent every month. At the end of the year, the estimated consumption is compared to your actual consumption of energy. The difference is debited or credited. Since the additional costs in Germany make up an average of 38% of the full rent at the moment, you can save money by using as little energy as possible. Here you will find some suggestions concerning economical energy consumption in daily life.

Keep in mind that additional costs -compared to residence halls - can arise from possibly paying an estate agent and from buying additional furniture.

Prices for a single room in a shared flat or Wohngemeinschaft start at about €350 per month. However, you share bath and kitchen with two to five flatmates. If you are a sociable and outgoing person, you will love living in a shared flat, since you will rarely be alone and will have the chance to get to know all kinds of interesting people.

Hotels, Flats & Youth hostels

If you need short term accommodation, you can choose between hotels, holiday flats and guesthouse rooms online. The nearest youth hostel is located in Neustadt.


Welcome Center Landau campus

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