Admission & Enrollment

Your application was successful? Congratulations!
Read here how to become a registered student at RPTU.

The Welcome Center on the Landau campus supports you during your application, upon arrival and with your enrollment at RPTU and throughout your studies in Landau.


The semester contribution you transfer in order to enroll covers a 10-euro-fee for your UniCard, your student ID card (Studierendenausweis). 

Once you have enrolled, we will guide you on how to register your university ID. You can then request your UniCard by uploading a biometric photo.

The UniCard will be sent to your postal address in Germany within one to two weeks after you requested it.

It is valid for one semester and needs to be re-validated every semester after you re-enrolled.

We recommend that you carry it with you all the time. The UniCard is a multi-purpose card fulfilling the following requirements: