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You are interested in completing your graduate education at RPTU on Landau campus?

Find information about the formal and academic requirements, application process, required documents and fees here.

We are a member of uni-assist. Applicants who wish to apply for a master's program on Landau campus apply through uni-assist. uni-assist charges a handling fee of 75 euro for processing your application. Every further study wish is charged with 30 euro.

The main task of uni-assist is the evaluation of international school/university certificates in regard to their equivalence to German school/university degrees. uni-assist needs about four to six weeks to check your application documents formally. When checked successfully, they forward your application to us where it will be assessed academically in the respective department. Our Registration Office will notify you about the outcome of the assessment by e-mail.

Whether you have to apply with uni-assist or directly with the university depends on which group of applicants you belong to:

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