CANTEEN on Campus - How to Find One's Way Around the Refectory

The refectory or canteen in building 30 is the most important place on campus for many students! Here, you can have a good, inexpensive meal or a quick snack, study together, or just take a break. On weekdays you can choose between different menus, the wok, the barbecue/Grill and the salad buffet. There is menu 1 (EUR 2.40 ) and menu 2 (EUR 2.15). They have some assigned symbols: (V) means 'vegetarian', (S) means pork, (R) means beef and (S/R) has pork and beef in the meal.

Once you have decided which meal to have, you must line up for either meal 1 or 2, barbecue or wok. Pay your meal with your student card at the counter, the exact amount will be debited automatically.

At the buffet or free-flow area various dishes are offered: barbecue, wok, salad, vegetables, soup, etc.  For these meals you have to pay a certain price for each 100 grams of serving, which usually costs between EUR 0.65 and EUR 0.85. Please use a separate plate for the different meals, otherwise you will have to pay the price of the most expensive meal for everything!

The menus are available at lunchtime from 11:30 am to 1:45 pm, barbecue, wok and buffet from 11:15 am to 2:00 pm. During the regular work days of the university, (other than vacations and weekends) you can eat in the cafeteria "Atrium" in the Mensa-building in the evenings from 5:30 pm to 6:30 pm (Mon-Thu).

You can only pay for meals with your student ID which is a sort of debit card. You have to deposit money into the account, using the account crediting machines in the refectory. In case you lose your student ID, it can be blocked by specifying the card number. However, when a card is lost, it cannot be reimbursed! If you graduate or leave the University, you can return your student ID and get your remaining balance back.

Apart from the main refectory, there are some other cafeterias and bistros on campus that offer food and beverages, where you can also pay with your student card, e.g., the "Bistro 36" (next to ISGS) and the "Cafeteria Atrium" on the ground floor of the Mensa.