Current PhD-Students

Dear (new) international PhD students,

in order to assist you in the best possible way, we have put together some important and useful information on the following pages to make your research stay here at RPTU even more pleasant and valuable.

Browse our categories below and take a look at the services we offer and the variety of opportunities to enhance your studies on a personal as well as academic level. Each section is tailor made to help you get through every phase of your studies successfully, from arrival to graduation.

Research within a network of high…

This website explains to international PhD Students what it means to conduct research in the Cluster of…


Research Assistant Jobs

This website offers information for international PhD Students who are in search for a research assistant job


Service & Support

This website explains the services & support structure offered by ISGS for international students (including…


Graduating from university

This website provides information about what will await international PhD students after their graduating…

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