Graduating from the university

We hope you have enjoyed your studies or research at RPTU. 

The subsequent pages are designed to invite you to the annual Graduation Ceremony and to give you the information you require for preparing to leave the university.

The International Graduation Ceremony serves as a university wide farewell function and is organised for international master students and PhD students who may not have the opportunity to attend a formal graduation in their faculties.

The Vice-President will make a short speech to congratulate and farewell the students. Academics and other University Staff are invited to say goodbye personally. Complimentary light refreshments will be served upon conclusion of the function.

Graduation Ceremony

The website is dedicated to the annual ISGS Graduation Ceremony for international Master & PhD Students

Career Service

This website presents all offers of the ISGS Career Service designed to boost your career entry

Formalities at the End of Your Studies

The website provides information about all formalities which need to be completed at the end of your studies