How to Apply

  • Look for information online about the departments and their courses offered as well as about the university's and the graduate schools' main areas of research
  • Get information on studying in Germany and on admission requirements.
  • Contact the ISGS and provide the office with your previous academic qualifications and desired field of research
  • Get in touch with the respective department
  • Obtain approval to pursue your desired research topic
  • Find a professor who will supervise your doctoral work
  • Obtain consent from the department to pursue a doctoral program
  • We will send you a notification once we have received your application; you will need this while applying for a visa
  • The university will evaluate whether you fulfill the requirements (German language proficiency and previous academic qualifications) for admission to the program.
  • You will either receive notification of approval for your desired course of study, or
  • You will be notified in case the requirements are not met.
  • As soon as you have obtained the notification of admission, you should apply for a visa.
  • Submit the Letter of Acceptance in which you verify the tentative acceptance of the admission offer, and notify the ISGS of your arrival date.
  • Please keep in touch with the ISGS in order to obtain further assistance on matters such as accommodation, conveyance to the university, organizational issues as well as help and support during your initial days in Germany and at the RPTU Kaiserslautern-Landau.


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