Recruiting via Online Study Portals

ISGS offers entry services for the following online databases:



    ISGS coordinates the entries of the universities international master & PhD programs in Online Portal "International Programs" of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD).

    -> With more than 100,000 clicks per day the DAAD Database is the most valuable gate to German higher education programs!

    -> Promotion via DAAD allows purposefull and high quality presentation with regard to our target groups. The distribution by their network of multipliers ensures a professional and reputable manner.

    The criteria for international programs are as follows:

    • degrees in line with the the Bologna process
    • program is accredited or in accreditation process
    • program is taught predominantly in English (or another foreign language)
    • program includes further internationale elements such as international relevance in the  curriculum, exchange and/or teaching by international guest researchers
    • support structure for international graduates within the department and/or an interdisciplinary support institution

    More information about current entry types & related prices can be found in the DAAD-International Programs-Information-Brochure!

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