Welcome to the Vocational Training Page

The TU, which has approximately 1,600 employees, is one of the largest employers in the region. As such a large operation, we strive to train the specialists we need by ourselves and at a qualitatively high level. Accordingly, vocational training is very highly regarded and supported by the university directorate. We regularly offer training opportunities to more than 100 trainees in over 20 vocational fields and continually expand and develop these programmes.

However, as a university, we are not a training company in which it is all work and the gates are shut at the end of the day, for the TU also has an enormous leisure time offering. In addition to the varied programme of university sports, events such as films, concerts and summer festivals entice many people to visit the campus. Even the university grounds are very inviting and students from 100 countries create a multicultural flair that is unequaled anywhere.