Bank Account

In Germany most of the payments (e.g., monthly rent, health insurance, social contribution) are done by bank transfer, so it is necessary to open a bank account/Bankkonto immediately after your arrival.

Various banks are located in Kaiserslautern. Most banks offer free accounts for young people under 26 and students.

! Money Transfer !

Please note: It is important that you have access to your money very soon after your arrival!

As non-negotiable checks /Verrechnungsschecks need to be certified (this may take 4 – 6 weeks) we recommend the following: Please carry cash in Euros from your home country for the first weeks (administration fees, first rent, etc. – approx. EUR 1000) with you.  Immediately after your arrival you need to open a bank account.

Another possibility could be that you forward your bank data to your parents / responsible persons in your home country (who have access to your money) and they transfer the money to you. This procedure will take at least one week!