Health Insurance / Krankenversicherung

It is obligatory to have suitable health insurance coverage for yourself and for all family members accompanying you. As a student, you are eligible for statutory insurance at the lowest current monthly rate, which is about EUR 100.

Accident Insurance / Unfallversicherung

As an enrolled student, you are insured against accidents at the University during your study period, as well as on your way to University and back home. If you are interested in having additional accident insurance cover, just contact the ISGS branch office.

Liability Insurance / Haftpflichtversicherung

The personal liability insurance is not a mandatory insurance, except when you drive a car! It covers all cases of liability for injury or damage to other persons or their property. It does not matter whether the negligence was yours, that of a family member, or even your pet's – the costs are usually paid!

Liability insurance is especially recommended if you rent a privat house or an apartment or use a bicycle. It is about EUR 35 – 50 per year. Thus, we recommend buying a liability insurance cover!