Guideline - Renting private apartments

Some of our international students of the master programs Environmental Pollution Management (Ecotoxicology) and Environmental Sciences opt for an apartment in the student halls in Quartier Vauban. However, some students come with their partner or family and look for housing on the private market or they simply prefer to stay in a private accommodation.

The following websites might be a good start for your search: (basic information given in English) (in German) (in German)
 All of these websites show adverts for apartments or a room in a flat-share from the private housing market. 
 On Facebook, you could join the public group "Wohnung Landau und Umgebung," which is in German and partly in English.
 Alternatively, you can also check the following (more general and more commercial) websites: 
Please, start looking early.
Especially at the beginning of the winter semester, it can take time to find an accommodation.

Also consider the area around Landau, but check the train and bus connection before signing anything. Include Karlsruhe or Neustadt an der Weinstraße in your search. You can commute from these to cities.

Most accommodation in Germany is rented out without furniture. This means an unfurnished apartment sometimes does not even have a fitted kitchen. Therefore, please always double check if the apartment is furnished or what furniture is included.
 You could for example suggest a talk on the phone or meeting via skype. This way, you could get a better impression of the person offering the accommodation and you could present yourself (most landlords in Germany would like to meet in person before they rent out an apartment - phone calls or skype talks might help you if you cannot be in Landau in person).