Student Reports

Sanjiv, from India

Namaste! I Sanjiv Sharan am doing my masters in Electrical & Computer Engineering at the Kaiserslautern University. As a Technical University, it provides a large variety of technical, science, and management programs which are of high academic and international quality. This university has excellent study programs (e.g., Mathematics, Computer Sciences, Electrical Engineering); thus a highly ranked university. Studying at Kaiserslautern University offers many benefits and opportunities. Most of the programs offered are state-financed, i.e. free of tuition fees; whereas few courses have nominal tuition fees. In International programs nearly all of the lectures delivered are in English. As you advance in your study program, some German courses are also given. But you don't have to worry about this as you will be provided with an intensive German language course at the beginning of your academic studies. Knowledge in German helps you to enjoy your social life. Kaiserslautern is a very cool and calm place without much distraction. The University is surrounded by nature, but close to the city center. Thus, it provides a really good environment to study. Students are provided with private accommodation, which makes staying very comfortable here. We have several companies in Kaiserslautern cooperating with the University, where students can implement their knowledge. Research institutes like Fraunhofer Institute for Experimental Software Engineering (IESE) and Fraunhofer Institute for Technical & Industrial Mathematics (ITWM) and German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI) are near to the university, where some of the students can get part-time jobs or student projects if they want to get more involved in research and application. We Indians are in a good strength here and have a group on yahoogroups. (If you need any help, you are always welcome to contact us!) So you won't feel lonely here. We play cricket regularly. We celebrate most of the Indian festivals here. We have lot of other activities to do here like hiking, sports at university, dance, cultural activities, etc. We have some Asian shops in the city center where we find most of the Indian food. Kaiserslautern has some Indian restaurants, too. Here, you get an opportunity to explore a lot about other countries by interacting with international students. Kaiserslautern University has students from across the world. The University is truly multicultural and international. We have a special organization for international graduate students, the International School for Graduate Studies (ISGS), which is like a small family for all the international students. ISGS takes care of your every need throughout your stay in Kaiserslautern. Even before the studentscomes, they start helping the international student in every possible way right from accommodation, visa, registration in town hall, etc. We have lot of barbecues, parties, trips to beautiful cities organized by ISGS. I am sure you will enjoy your studies and you will get the proper supervision and tutoring required to graduate successfully in reasonable time at Kaiserslautern University. For further information or any query, you can contact us anytime through mail or by calling us directly. Sanjiv Sharan