Erasmus+ Staff Mobility of Teaching Assignment (STA)

Erasmus + supports stays of 2 to 60 days. The funding for the day of arrival and departure is regulated in the grant agreement. Minimum of 8 hours of teaching per week, with a combined training / teaching only 4 hours / week. This is based on a five-day week and calculated down for shorter stays.
The number of teaching hours must be listed in the Mobility Agreement.

  • Lecturers who are in a contractual relationship with the sending university
  • Lecturers without endowment/funding
  • Lecturers on assignment
  • Emeritus professors and retired lecturers

Teaching can take place in various forms: as seminars, lectures, talks, tutorials, supervision of PhD students, etc. It is important that the teacher is physically present.

  • Grant Agreement (from home university)
  • Mobility Agreement (must be signed by both universities)

For signature, please contact Ms. Nina Huber (huber(at)


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