Student Health Management at the RPTU

The RPTU offers its students health management. On behalf of the university management and under the leadership of the University Sports Department, structures and measures for the sustainable promotion and safeguarding of the bio-psycho-social health of the students at the RPTU are being established and implemented. The goal is to develop a broad-based health concept that includes all relevant institutions and actors at the location. This concept should be transferable to other university locations, detached from the location-specific aspects. We are particularly pleased that the RPTU was the first university in Germany to receive the Corporate Health Award in the category "Special Award Healthy University Student Health Management" in 2018 and even won the award again in 2020.



The implementation of the designed health-promoting measures takes place under the title CampusPlus. The Techniker Krankenkasse supports the university sports department as a project partner in the development and implementation of student health management. Concrete measures and projects can be found on our website:

Concept development and implementation of measures follow the participatory approach and the target group is involved in all steps. The content-related orientation and control is carried out by three committees; a steering committee (university management & project control), a steering committee (operationally working actors) and a student committee (student representatives of all student bodies and all institutions of the RPTU that have an influence on student health).

Folder Student Health Management at RPTU

The folder Student Health Management at the RPTU gives an insight into the work of CampusPlus. It contains on the one hand the structure of our team and on the other hand the structures of the individual working groups. In addition, we have provided examples of the individual steps of the Public Health Action Cycle and presented them in an overview graphic.

University Health Report - Die große Gesundheitsumfrage der RPTU

According to the "Public Health Action Cycle", analysis is an essential pillar of health management. In order to analyze the health status of RPTU students, the "University Health Report" (UHR) was conducted in cooperation with the FU Berlin in the summer of 2015 and 2018. This year, 2021, the second follow-up survey will take place in June, where we will publish the results in spring 2022.

Approximately 1,400 students of RPTU participated in both surveys, 2015 & 2018, which corresponds to about 10% of the students. Through these surveys of the health status of the students of the RPTU, a detailed alignment of the concept and the measures on a valid data basis to the specific needs of the students has become possible. The results from 2018 are compared with those from 2015 and also put into relation with a nationwide comparative sample.

The results of both surveys are presented in the form of a report as well as graphically in the form of posters.

Report UHR 2015

Report UHR 2018

Results Poster UHR 2015

Results Poster UHR 2018

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