Opportunities and Advantages

Maybe you would like to take up early contact to the best students from Kaiserslautern and support excellent young talents, or maybe you just want to “give something back” and thus contribute significantly to supporting education at RPTU. Either way, your commitment as a donor will be worth it! We can offer you the following advantages.

  • You can tell us your preferences for the area in which the recipient is specializing.
  • You will be included in the selection process in an advisory capacity and be able to enter into personal contact with the applicants.
  • You will establish contact to potential experts.
  • You will be able to offer your scholarship recipients insights into your company by means of tours, internships and conversations.
  • If you wish, we would mention you or your company by name on our website and in publications on the topic of Germany Scholarships at RPTU.
  • You will receive the “Germany Scholarship Donor” Signet from the Federal Ministry for Education and Research.

Days at the Villa Denis

Assisting the Best Students