Germany’s future lies in the hands of its best experts. For this reason, RPTU is participating in the Germany Scholarship programme of the federal government in order to provide early support to its outstanding students and to support the training of qualified persons in the upcoming generation.

In the long term, eight percent of  all students are to be supported with a Germany scholarship. We want to establish a long lasting scholarship culture at our university by means of these scholarships.

Together with you, we are now able to make it possible for outstanding, committed studentof RPTU to receive scholarships of € 300 per month for at least two semesters. As a donor, you will pay only half this amount per student; the other half will come from the Germany Scholarship (“Deutschlandstipendium”) funds of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research. Thus for each € 1,800 that we raise from donors, we receive another € 1,800 from the Federation so that we are then able to support one student for one year with a total of € 3,600, or € 300 per month.

The recipients of this scholarship will all be students whose grades lie above the average and who are demonstrably socially committed or who have a special potential for development. Are you interested in becoming acquainted with and supporting these young talents? Then donate today and became a part of the German Scholarship at RPTU!

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