Excellent Education at Low Costs

1Program Fee
No program fees, program fees are covered by the state of Rhineland Palatinate.


Social Contribution: 550 EUR per year
Approximately 275 EUR per semester, the fee includes e.g.:

  • Free bus & train transportation in the area around Kaiserslautern
  • More than 50 free university sports courses, e.g. Aikido, Basketball, Cricket and many more

Language & Orientation Course: 800 EUR single payment
Strongly recommended for international Master students and PhD candidates, costs 800 EUR. Includes intensive language & integration class prior to studies (6-8 weeks).


Assessment Fee: 60 EUR single payment
The university has to charge a fee of 60 EUR for the verification and acceptance of foreign qualifications and certificates. Exceptions:

  • Exchange students, for example, partner schools or ERASMUS students
  • Scholarship holders (DAAD)
  • Foreign applicants with an intermediate diploma of a German  university, who wish to continue their studies in the same  study course

High Standards of Living at Low Costs

Monthly Costs: in total ~ 860-900 EUR

  • Accomodation approx.: ~350 EUR
  • Health insurance: ~110 EUR
  • Food: ~300 EUR
  • Internet & phone: ~ 25 EUR
  • Other (clothes, leisure activities): ~ 75 EUR

Cost of Living - a snapshot on regional prices

  • Meal in refectory: 2,40 EUR
  • Loaf of bread: 1,50 EUR
  • Orange juice (1 liter): 1,00 EUR
  • Rice (1 kg): 1,60 EUR