General information on the right of examination

The topic “examinations” will accompany you throughout your studies. In addition to the subject-related preparations, the learning for each examination, some knowledge about the examination procedures is also important, so that you basically know how to register for and withdraw from examinations, for example, but also how to react correctly in unexpected situations, such as an illness during an examination or disturbances during an examination.
For your guidance, we would like to give you a first insight into the right of examination and the significance of examination regulations. However, you are welcome to contact the Examination Office / Services for Distance Learning Students  for advice at any time.

Where is the right of examination regulated and what does the obligation to cooperate mean for students?
What are examination regulations?
What does an examination regulation govern?
What deadlines have to be observed?
What are study plans and module handbooks?
How do I object to assessments and the conduct of the examination procedure?


Examination Office Kaiserslautern
Examination Office Landau

  • Inspection (Review of taken exams)
  • Objection to exams
  • Examination law and Obligations of the students
  • deadlines
Objections against assessments and the examination procedure
Where is the right of examination regulated?