Admission requirements

The prerequisite for admission to RPTUzero is, as with regular courses of study, the Abitur. In Rhineland-Palatinate, however, qualified professionals without an Abitur or Fachhochschulreife can also study at a university under certain conditions.

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You can participate in FiMS with a university entrance qualification (e.g. Abitur) or as a very good student of the upper school on recommendation of the class teacher and the mathematics teacher/physics teacher.


Particularly gifted and motivated students can attend regular lectures and seminars at the RPTU in Landau while still in school (upper school).

The subjects mathematics, physics, biology, chemistry and music are involved at the RPTU in Landau. If interested, courses from the departments of educational sciences (psychology, sociology, pedagogy) and philology/cultural studies (including history, German studies, philosophy, musicology) can also be taken upon request.

Credits earned can be recognized for later studies upon application.

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The admission requirements described here are aimed at applicants with a German university entrance qualification.

1. studies with general university entrance qualification (HZB)

The general university entrance qualification entitles you to study all courses of study. You obtain this through:

    the general university entrance qualification (Abitur) or a previous education recognized as equivalent
    a successfully completed master craftsman's examination or an examination comparable to the master craftsman's examination
    a successfully completed course of study at a university of applied sciences

2. studies without general university entrance qualification (HZB)

It is also possible to study certain courses of study without a general university entrance qualification. The following qualifications create the prerequisite for this:

    Vocationally qualified persons without Abitur/without master craftsman's examination
    Subject-related higher education entrance qualification
    The scope of the university entrance qualification can be found on the school leaving certificate.
    Students who have earned at least 90 ECTS credits in a bachelor's degree program at a state or state-recognized university of applied sciences in Rhineland-Palatinate are entitled to study a related degree program (cf. Hochschulgesetz, § 33).

In some departments, an aptitude assessment procedure is carried out to check the professional and personal aptitude for access to the Master's program.

Detailed information can be found in the respective Master's examination regulations or can be obtained from the student advisor in the relevant department.

In the case of admission-restricted Master's programs, a selection procedure is carried out after checking the professional suitability, provided that more applicants meet the admission requirements than there are places available. You can find out whether the Master's degree program you are interested in is a Master's degree program with open admission or admission restrictions in the overview of degree programs.

From the 5th semester onwards, you can study an "extension subject" in the Bachelor of Education degree program. To do so, you can submit an application for an additional subject (certificate course) within the application deadlines.

More info: Landesverordnung über die Anerkennung von Hochschulprüfungen als Erweiterungsprüfung für Lehrämter

The valid admission requirements can be found in the respective doctoral regulations of the RPTU departments.

Study place exchange

Special admission requirements apply to an application for a place exchange.

  •     Deadline: Application must be received by the Registrar's Office by 15.03. or 15.09. at the latest.
  •     Only applies to courses of study with restricted admission.
  •     Exchange is only possible if both exchange partners are enrolled in the same semester and can prove the same level of performance.
  •     There is no entitlement to an exchange of study places. The application will only be approved in justified cases.
  •     Study places can only be exchanged as long as both exchange partners are within the standard period of study



If you have not completed your school-leaving certificate in Germany or at a German school abroad, you must provide evidence of sufficient German language skills. You can find more info here.


Study without high school diploma

1. direct subject-related university entrance qualification (based on vocational training):

The following admission requirements must be met:

    Completion of vocational training with an overall grade point average from the final vocational training examination and the final vocational school certificate of at least 2.5.
    The vocational training must have a sufficient content-related connection with the chosen course of study. Furthermore, the subject-relatedness must also be determined on the basis of professional and comparable activities.

2. direct (general) university entrance qualification (based on a master craftsman or master craftsman-equivalent qualification):

The following admission requirements must be met:

    A completed master craftsman's examination or a master craftsman's equivalent vocational qualification.
    A master equivalent qualification must be based on a course of at least 400 hours of instruction and require a completed (state-recognized) vocational training as a prerequisite.

This information can also be found on the website "Studying without a high school diploma in Rhineland-Palatinate" of the Ministry of Science, Further Education and Culture.


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Qualifying examination

You can find the subjects with qualifying exams here.