Fees & Finances

Study related Fees

There is only a social contribution to pay each semester.

However, in recent years, a public debate has started on introducing tuition fees in some federal states of Germany. The State of Rhineland-Palatinate, where Kaiserslautern is situated, has already decided on the following aspects: The Bachelor's degree and the consecutive Master's degree remain free of charge. A consecutive Master's degree is a study program which does not require working experience prior to the begin of studies. If you stay within the schedule of your study account, studying is free except for the required social security contribution. Continuing education programs are established as Master's degree study programs. University fees could be charged.

No fees are charged for:

  • Bachelor courses
  • Consecutive Master programs
  • Doctoral studies and Research training

Please note that these regulations are subject to change! We try to keep this website updated. However, please contact us via Email for most recent decisions and regulations.

Assessment Fee

RPTU must charge a fee for the verification & acceptance of foreign qualifications and certificates in accordance with the Special Schedule of Fees (“Besonderes Gebührenverzeichnis”) of Rhineland-Palatinate which comes into force in the summer semester 2005.

No fees are charged for:

  • Exchange students, for example, partner schools or ERASMUS students.
  • Scholarship holders (DAAD).
  • Foreign applicants with an intermediate diploma of a German university, who wish to continue their studies in the same study course.

After having sent the application documents, RPTU will confirm receipt and will send a request for payment in the amount of 60.00 EUR (assessment fee). You should transfer this fee as soon as possible. Only after receipt of your payment can your application be processed. Payment does not automatically mean that you have been accepted. Your application is only successful if your documents correspond to our university standards. Please transfer the assessment fee only on demand of payment.

Please apply as soon as possible to ensure that your assessment fee is transferred in time, and to enable the administrators to request any documents which might possibly be missing before the matriculation deadline. The responsible administrators will then assess whether you have the necessary certificates to take up your studies at RPTU and will then send you their written approval or rejection.

More Information about the assessment fee

Financing Your Studies

Kaiserslautern University, like German universities in general, does not offer support to finance your of studies. German students can apply for government-sponsored loans for the period of their studies through the BAFöG program.

We are aware that some international students are not able to finance their studies by themselves and that they depend on grants. We recommend exploring possibilities of funding by your home institution or by authorities in your home country.Furthermore, there are a lot of possibilities of getting a scholarship from a German institution! The best students can get teaching or research assistantships at the University on a competitive basis. The financing of your study through teaching and research assistantship positions at the University of Kaiserslautern are handled on a case-by-case basis. These assistantships are not offered to prospective students and can not fully finance your studies.

Please find below a list of the most common funding possibilities for studying at a German university!